The Anatomy of Your Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is a really popular sport, and it’s not exactly an inexpensive hobby. You might find yourself wanting to research new bikes or see what the different parts are that keep your bike together. This article will go over the anatomy of your mountain bike – the different pieces and how they work.

1. The bottom bracket – connects the crankset to the bike’s body.
2. Brake cable – The braking lever is connected to the brake mechanism by this cable.
3. Brake lever – The brake lever is located on the handlebar and is used to engage the brakes. The front brake is on the left, and the rear brake is on the right.
4. Chain – A ring of circular links that transmits power from the chainring to the gears.
5. Chainring – The toothed rings that retain the chain on the crank.
6. Crank – The lever transfers power from the bottom bracket to the chainrings, extending from the bottom bracket to the pedal.
7. Derailleur – The mechanism that allows the chain to be moved from one gear to the next.
8. Down tube – The frame’s portion that runs from the stem to the bottom bracket.
9. Front shock – The front fork’s shock absorber.
The horizontal bar connecting to the stem with handgrips on end is known as the handlebar.
11. Headset – The device links the front fork to the stem and handlebars in front of the frame.
12. Hub – The spokes are linked to the hub, located in the middle of the wheel.
13. Idler pulley – The rear derailleur’s bottom pulley that generates spring force to hold the chain in place.
14. Nipple – A threaded receptacle used to secure the spoke’s end to the rim.
15. Pedal – The platform on which you pedal; it connects to the crank.
16. Rear shock – On dual-suspension bikes, the shock absorber for the rear tire.
17. Rim – The metal ring that connects the internal spokes to the outside tire.
18. The seat is referred to as a saddle.
19. Seat post – Provides seat support.
20. Skewer – The metal rod that runs through the hub connects the wheel to the frame’s dropouts.
21. Spindle – A free-rotating axle to which the crank arms are attached and the bottom bracket’s component
22. Spokes – are the thick wires that connect the hub and the rim.
23. Stem – The section of the handlebar that connects to the steering tube.
24. The spokes are linked to the wheel hub, which is located in the middle of the wheel.