How To Lube Your Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is a lot of fun, but it’s not as easy as you might think. A bike needs to be well-maintained in order for it to work properly! Every so often (maybe once or twice every 15 hours) the chain and gears need lubrication – grease can do that job just fine if nothing else is available at the moment. It also helps with rust prevention when everything gets wet from time to time; lube will give your frame protection against water damage too!

Here is how to lube your bike:

1.The chain

Apply a generous amount of mountain bike lube to your chain as you move the pedals around backward. It also helps to find a spot to steady your hand such as the frame while you maneuver in and out of awkward positions. You’ll need both hands free for this job so be careful not get tangled up with any other parts like cranks, gears or chain rings.


2. Front Derailleur

Using a grease gun, apply some lubricant to the front derailleur. Apply it in spots where you see movement when you use your shift lever.


3. Rear derailleur

The rear derailleur is an essential part of your bike. Without it, you would never be able to shift gears in the back and propel yourself down roads or paths at a faster speed than before with ease! Lube those pivots because they’re crucial for moving smoothly from gear to gear as well as reducing any potential noise that may come up when riding on rugged terrain. Remember: one good lubing can go a long way so don’t forget this important step if you want smooth shifting every time.


4. Pedals

Pedal pedals can be tricky, but you should know that if your pedal is clipless and has a release mechanism then it needs to have the mechanism lubed. You must lubricate this part of the bike only if it’s designed for clipping in or out.


5. Everything into motion

Pedal your bike around and shift the gears to see if it needs any lube. If you hear a squeak, there is probably something that needs oiling on this moving part of your bike.


6. Wipe it all clean

Once you’ve lubricated and cleaned everything down, just wipe everything back off. Using a rag, wipe away any of the lubricant you’ve used, including any lubrication that has gotten on the chain. Wiping it away will leave the lubricant in between the parts, but will remove it from areas where it isn’t needed anymore. This will prevent dirt from accumulating on your bike while you are riding.