Tips For Buying Your First Mountain Bike

Whether you are just starting out in mountain biking or an experienced rider, buying a bike can be a daunting task. There is so much to consider and the costs can add up quickly. This blog post will walk you through all of the steps involved in purchasing your new bike with some helpful tips along the way

Determining your price

Some people spend a lot of money on their bikes. However, if you don’t want to break the bank when buying one, many things can help keep your spending in line. You should figure out how much you’re willing to pay for an awesome new bike.  Buy from a local store instead of Wal-Mart or some other mass merchant location. They overcharge customers with high prices just because they have low overhead costs. When purchasing your mountain bike, make sure to support small businesses like yours, so we know who’s been loyal.

Finding your style

Your riding style defines the type of all-mountain bike you should purchase, but there are several different styles to choose from. A more aggressive frame for downhill mountain biking with long and steep descents down piste trails is best for speed and stability in rough terrain. On cross country tracks or smooth trail rides that take place mostly on tarmac roads where traction isn’t an issue, lighter frames usually work better as they’re less likely to fail when going uphill.

Full suspension or hardtail

When it comes to mountain biking, there are two major types of bikes: hardtails and full suspensions. A full-suspension bike will cost more money but is worth the purchase if you can afford one. They offer greater control on your ride by absorbing bumps in the trail with shocks that connect throughout your entire front fork or rear shock absorber for a smoother experience when riding over hazards like rocks, logs, roots, etc.

Finding your favorites

Finding your favorites is hard. It’s impossible to go through all the combinations of mountain bike components because there are so many out there! The best way to choose what you want in a bike for yourself is by looking at what matters most to you first- like picking up that perfect fork or wheelset before anything else has even been considered.

Sales and seasons

During the year, you can find some great deals on mountain bikes. If you wait until spring through summer to buy a bike, there is usually more selection and lower prices, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth scouting for bargains later in the year or around holidays like Christmas when many shops have sales going on as well.

Finding a good dealer

Great dealers know how to find the best bikes for their customers. A great dealer will have a clean repair shop and give you an impression that they care about your bike’s well-being, too!

Test ride

If you’re not sure which bike is best for you, it’s important to test ride as many bikes within your price range and riding style. You’ll find some will feel right while others won’t; the more bikes you can test drive, the better sense of what works for YOU!

Doing the research

The best way to find a good mountain bike is through research. Reviews and product reviews can tell you if the reliability of a bike will be worth it in the long run or not worth your time. Always look at what other owners have said before making any decisions for yourself.