Best Beginner Mountain Bike Trails Near Denver

Mountain biking is one of the most popular and exciting outdoor sports in the world. But, if you’re new to mountain biking and don’t know where to start, it can be challenging to find a good beginner trail near Denver. Here are some of the best beginner mountain bike trails near Denver:   


1.XC Loop Trail

The XC Loop Trail in Denver is ideal for individuals seeking to improve their mountain biking abilities because it provides fast access to many singletrack routes. It’s no surprise that this park is so popular with local riders, given its convenient location just 20 minutes from downtown and the presence of world-class slopestyle lines.

With beautiful views and lush plant life around it, you’ll never get tired of soaking in the scenery as you walk along its route.

The XC Loop Route is an excellent trail for people who like biking and jogging, but be cautious of the numerous road crossings as you go along it. There is currently no access to water or flush toilets on the property; however, these facilities and better accessibility to accommodate all persons will be available soon.


2.North Denver Suburbs Bike Path

When you cannot ride in the mountains, this trip will give you winter kilometres and spectacular mountain panoramas. Vistas of the Front Range and the Rocky Mountains are available from Homestead Hills Park and Fallbrook Farms Park in Thornton and Westminster, where there are even more fabulous views of the Rocky Mountains. Once you reach Little Dry Creek Trail, you may continue to South Platte River Trails, which will take you back home after a day of bike excursions through the Denver suburbs.

There are several areas to rest along the road for everything you may require. Many parks and commercial complexes, as well as retail outlets, are available for a quick snack. It’s a fantastic urban and suburban riding area with a lot to see and do.


3.Denver to Indian Peaks Traverse Bikepacking Route

The Denver to Indian Peaks Traverse Bikepacking route begins at Confluence Park, directly across from REI’s world-famous flagship store. The route continues through the city and into the mountains. Before linking with the Clear Creek Trail, which provides a significant stretch of good pavement to Golden, Colorado, you’ll pass through parks and residential neighbourhoods. To get to the top of White Ranch Open Space Park, you’ll need to go up a difficult singletrack trail. From there, you’ll be able to drop into Boulder, where you may select from a range of different options if you need them.


4.Big Dry Creek Trail (North) 

The route is a completely paved bike path that links to Big Dry Creek South. Near the end of the trail, there are various bends on roads that lead to other trails. There are signs along its course indicating where it travels and a link with the High Line Canal, among other things. The road section of this riding area passes through peaceful homes and has links to trails, such as SSPRD’s parking lot in one neighbourhood, which is accessible from the road portion.

On the Big Dry Creek Trail (North), you’ll find a diverse range of individuals making use of the 10-foot wide route, which is used for cycling, skating, and other activities. Young and elderly bikers alike are attempting to access local schools, recreation facilities, and libraries in their respective communities.

The Big Dry Creek Trail (North) connects Belleview Park, Cornerstone Regional Park, Progress Park, Pirates Cove Aquatic Park, and the deKoevend off-street link, among other destinations in the area. Within a mile of the path, users will see Hudson Gardens and the South Platte River and the Carson Nature Center. The Carson Nature Center is also nearby.


5.The Highline Canal Trail 

The Highline Canal Path, which runs south of Hampden/285, is a popular recreational trail. With its flat elevation profile and lack of traffic pause due to tunnels throughout its length, the crushed dirt and broad paths are ideal for marathon training purposes.

The Highline Canal Path is a beautiful trail for people who wish to get a feel for the heart of Denver’s downtown.

Although the route is difficult to complete on its whole, many sections may be completed in shorter halves, allowing you to arrange your journey correctly.


If you’re new to mountain biking, these beginner trails provide a safe and accessible starting point. The XC Loop Trail is great for beginners because of its wide path and less steep grades. You can also combine it with the North Denver Suburbs Bike Path, some rolling hills but no significant climbs or descents. These bike paths are perfect for exploring neighbourhoods near Denver that may be unfamiliar otherwise! This way, you’ll get in your ride without any long drives from one end of town to another.